One thought on “Find Happiness After Heartbreak

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    Hi Joey,

    Listening to you on The Pat Walsh Show – always enjoy hearing you – I have a dilemma (actually my 28 y.o. daughter does.) She has had this live-in boyfriend since last August and just yesterday she shared with me that this jerk choked her last week!!! I was mortified and scared for her. He has been playing these head games with her promising he’ll move out, she leaves to a family member’s house – tonight she is staying at a friend’s house hoping that he has in fact moved out – we don’t know yet.
    Last weekend he was supposed to move out but when she got there (after staying at my Mom’s for four days) he begs her, tells her he will go see a therapist. But she told me “I know what will happen. He’ll charm the therapist and make me look bad.” I was impressed that she knew that and told her so. He claims to be alot of things, an MMA fighter, said he won a million dollars a few years ago, but naturally, has nothing now to show of it. What else? He claims he attended Stanford University for a year. . . And of course she believes it all.

    He won’t move out. Would much prefer to keep control oh her. I just don’t know where else to turn to for help. I know what I’ve heard from you on air, I’ve liked. My husband (who is 58) wants to “take care of it.” He said last night, “I’ll talk to him and ask him politely to move his stuff out but if he cops an attitude and makes a move, I’ll have to make a move to.” (From me to you, honestly the mindset of men, it really doesn’t change does it?)

    She works (or was working) at a casino where she met this jerk – he’s a professional gambler, but now refuses to go back to work because he’ll make sure she feels uncomfortable by having a girl with him. Help us please!

    I have to apologize because I don’t know how this works. And to make matters worse, I haven’t slept much in the last few nights, so my mind right now is foggy.
    Nana B

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