Staying in Love with the World Despite Tragedies in the News

Intimacy with the World Requires Evolution
Overwhelmed by the tragedies in the news? I’ve seen endless social media posts from friends depressed by the post-hurricane traumas endured by our neighbors in Puerto Rico, the Las Vegas shootings, the wildfires that turned communities in Napa, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa to ashes, the lack of integrity and leadership in the White House and Congress, the rise of another neo-Nazi movement, the potential for war with North Korea, and more. Yes, it’s overwhelming. Our grief can inspire us to drop to the floor in tears and stay there, especially if we attach feelings about world news to our personal unresolved heartbreak from a divorce, breakup, or other losses. The empaths among us might be hit particularly hard.

Choose Evolution, Not Withdrawl
If you’re feeling hopeless, angry, or stressed, please don’t withdraw from intimacy with the planet. Yes, the most common prescription is to fast from the media and the Internet. Popular sayings like: “You can’t take care of others, unless you take care of yourself first” and “You can’t give what you don’t have” justify pulling away. But a habit of withdrawing from reality is a loss of an opportunity to evolve.

Confront Denial and Transform
When we deny or block out what is happening in the world, those crises don’t go away and our capacity to confront and creatively solve the challenges don’t grow. We may feel better temporarily because that’s how denial works. Alternately, if we stay present and authentic, transformation occurs inside us and that shift brings true change into the world. Sadness, hurt, rage, fear—these feelings are real but don’t have to be in charge of us. Negative thoughts don’t have to lead the way, either. We can learn from our thoughts and feelings while still engaging our higher consciousness. With genuine love for the world and ourselves, along with a commitment to real personal development, we can evolve. Learning to confront negativity and transmute it is a superpower that the world needs us to master now more than ever.

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