A Gratitude Makeover

Will life get easier? I only meet women who are out to use me. My condo and car are in constant need of expensive repairs. My family is a freak show. And, I can’t imagine continuing in my deadening line of work for another 30 years. Life is a few shining minutes of fun and endless days of tedious minutiae. I have no idea how or why people endure this. Why didn’t anyone clue me in to what life is really about?


Oh sweetheart! You definitely need a gratitude makeover. But before appreciation can sink in, reality must take root. Begin here: Life is not fair and there are no guarantees. Work hard because you enjoy challenging yourself or because you want to hone your skill set. Date because doing so reveals where you need to grow in your capacity to give and receive love, understanding and intimacy. Accept that owning a home and a vehicle is a privilege, and repairs are an opportunity to provide work for others. Know that your birth family is a launch pad that should prepare you to embrace everyone as family. This is what life is really about. Don’t imagine that you are being clued into the truth late in the game. Most people never figure this stuff out. Ever. Some rare individuals use their own responses to life’s ups and downs as insight into how to transform toward their full potential. You can, too.





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