A Gratitude Makeover

Will life get easier? I only meet women who are out to use me. My condo and car are in constant need of expensive repairs. My family is a freak show. And, I can’t imagine continuing in my deadening line of work for another 30 years. Life is a few shining minutes of fun and endless days of tedious minutiae. I have no idea how or why people endure this. Why didn’t anyone clue me Read more >

Teens Need Parents with Boundaries

Dear Joey,

I was bullied during my sophomore year of high school by this really popular girl and her friends. She used to talk to me a lot in class, so I asked her to a dance. She said no, and then went on Twitter and told everyone, making fun of me the whole time. This guy at school who liked her, and his friends, made my life miserable. I hated life and wanted to Read more >

On my Birthday, the Gift of Reality

Ever argue with reality? As in: “This shouldn’t be happening!” or “You can’t do this to me!”

I have—too often. Life has handed me experiences—each one a valuable lesson, an education in learning to embrace what is. Sometimes, I resist. Resistance often prolongs my own suffering and stress.

Last November, on a drive into San Francisco to celebrate my birthday, traffic turned to a game of stop-and-go near the exit to Berkeley. I reduced my … Read more >

Staying in Love with the World Despite Tragedies in the News

Intimacy with the World Requires Evolution
Overwhelmed by the tragedies in the news? I’ve seen endless social media posts from friends depressed by the post-hurricane traumas endured by our neighbors in Puerto Rico, the Las Vegas shootings, the wildfires that turned communities in Napa, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa to ashes, the lack of integrity and leadership in the White House and Congress, the rise of another neo-Nazi movement, the potential for war with North Korea, … Read more >

A Repair Kit for When Things Fall Apart

Everything is going wrong in my life. I don’t have any real friends. I reach out to people but they don’t reach back. They don’t seem interested in spending time with me. I never married and have no kids. My parents are deceased. I am completely alone and feel like no one will ever love me or care about me. I work remotely for an out-of-state company and just found out I will be laid Read more >

Psychoanalyzing Your Date? Be Real Instead!

I found a bunch of questions online to ask on a first date so things wouldn’t be awkward. I decided to memorize a few and use them. It was a disaster. Somehow, without realizing it, I only asked questions about childhood. The guy I was having drinks with had a terrible childhood and didn’t want to answer questions. He accused me to pulling some Freudian analysis thing on him, threw down cash to cover his Read more >

Dear Brokenhearted One: You Are Not Alone

Sleeping too little or too much, nausea, loss of appetite or overeating, phantom muscle aches, disturbing dreams, diarrhea, excessive weight gain or loss, restlessness and chest pains——these are all symptoms of a broken heart. As relationships turn shorter and more intense, heartbreak is becoming an epidemic. When we lose the one we love, it can feel like we’ve lost a piece of ourselves, too. We miss the rituals (the good night texts and Sundays at … Read more >

Wellness Apps & Dating, State by State

Woot! I’m sitting in for Pat Walsh on NewsRadio KFBK, an iHeart media station. My interview with Dr. Patrick Browning gives you the scoop about wellness apps. Are they safe? Listen in and find out!

I also have tips for how to date better in any state (Sorry, Texas, George Strait called you out and he was right!). Plus, don’t miss my chat with reporter Ryan Harris near the end of the hour. We talk … Read more >